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Freedom of Speech, Lawlessness and the Misdirected Narrative

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The shame is that the story of government oppression of the American people by law enforcement has been twisted. Instead of the outrageous abuses perpetrated against us being truthfully reported and leading to a united righteous indignation, the narrative has been twisted. All you hear is that the police are oppressing and killing black men across the country. Thus instead of uniting the American people, the media propagandists of the statist tyrants push a false narrative to divide us.

This narrative has grown stronger with the decision by 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick to refuse to stand for the national anthem to protest the oppression of  black men by the brutal police, citing the bodies left in the streets without repercussions for those law enforcement officials who took those lives. The backlash has been fast and fierce. Kaepernick has been demonized for his actions and words. The sad truth is first of all anyone who dares to say they believe in and defend liberty must realize that he has the right to say and act in protest if he chooses and we must respect that. Instead many are calling for him to be punished for speaking out against his perceived injustice and tyranny.

The truth is the government is acting lawlessly through the actions of law enforcement and the judicial system. Here is where we must realize that Kaepernick is right about oppression; he’s just not really educated about the facts and what the government is targeting. The police targeting black people is pure propaganda used by the media to divide the American people to help the statists weaken the American people. If this were indeed true how many “African-Americans” would have been killed in the rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson? Consider that all of the rioting that occurred was televised and yet not one perpetrator of these real criminal acts has been prosecuted. So this false narrative of oppression of innocent black men is obviously an outright lie perpetuated by the main stream narrative.

So then what is the truth and what is really going on? The truth is that the government is using not only so called law enforcement agents but the judicial system to oppress liberty in America. Lavoy Finicum a true American patriot was murdered in cold blood and the Hammonds, the Bundys and their supporters have been mistreated, unlawfully deprived of their freedom and had their property destroyed and stolen. They are being held as political prisoners and being denied a fair chance to defend themselves by a corrupt judicial system. So while this travesty of justice is going on the mainstream media is completely silent. The ranchers of the west are being driven out of business and their land that has been in their families for generations is being stolen from them.

The obvious question to anyone with the ability to think independently is why are these ranchers being targeted, killed and robbed of their livelihoods. The reason is these people dared to stand up to the government and tried to spread the word of justice against unconstitutional government actions. Their courage in standing up and spreading the word of how we the people can stand against these governmental criminal actions are being made an example of. This is being done in order to let other liberty loving patriots who would consider to stand up know that they will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

So in reality Kaepernick got it half right, there is government oppression going on and innocent people are being killed. The part he got wrong is that this oppression is not aimed at black people it is actually being aimed at anyone who dares question the government. It is aimed at anyone who has the courage to speak out about the constitution, the power of we the people, government overreach and lawlessness. So all you liberty loving patriots must realize that Kaepernick has the right to do what he wishes. The shame of it is that it is being used by the statists to divide us. The media hypes up racial tensions while remaining completely silent on the situation of these ranchers and their supporters. The tyrants are trying to cow us into being fearful of standing up for what is right and just. Stay strong America for our cause is just. We just need to change the narrative. We must embrace and spread liberty, pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to ensure that liberty does not perish.