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Egypt’s Future, Democracy or Freedom and Liberty?

Posted in Politics on February 13, 2011 by authorcarloscardoso

The United States has a unique opportunity to reshape the world not by simply spreading democracy that soon leads back to oppression as it did in Iran in 1979. The US must teach our founding principles first where democracy is a part of our system of government. Separation of powers through the States keeping their sovereign rights within the limited powers granted to the federal government. Individually we all have individual sovereignty through our God-given rights, the federal government was set up and entrusted to preserve under our constitution. Furthemore the federal government was also setup with separation of powers with the  Senate initially chosen by the States legislatures representing States rights as sovereign with each state equally represented. The House of Representatives by popular vote, the Executive branch chosen by the Electoral College. Each branch can be held to account for their actions by the Judiciary branch namely the Supreme Court with  their responsibility to enforce constitutionality as the supreme law of the land and limit the scope of government while enshrining our individual liberties.

We are in a unique position to work with our partners in the Egyptian military which has benefitted greatly from their relationship with us and the aid received from us. They have been running the government since 1952 when Colonel Nasser overthrew the monarchy. His successor upon his death also came from the military, Anwar Sadat. Both attacked Israel with humiliating results. Sadat led Egypt to leave the influence of the Soviet Union, signing a peace treaty with Israel and aligning himself with the U.S. Sadat was assassinated and his vice president also injured in the attack took power. Hosni Mubarak has held power for thirty years until an orchestrated demonstration  lasting 18 days led him to leave power outside the Egyptian constitution to the military. They have already announced that all international obligations will continue to be followed.  We must use our influence which is widespread when you take into account the size of Egypt’s military forces. We must champion individual liberty and freedom and have the Egyptian military establish these pillars of a republic that our founders did. If we can accomplish this task then this could turn the world into a better place and secure the blessings of liberty for the Egyptian people and establish a counter solution to Islamic radicalism. The opportunity to spread our revolutionary concepts and defeat the Islamic dream of realizing their dream of a final victory and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate is the ideal we must express. We are polar opposites and cannot let the word democratic revolution be used to the establishment of an Iranian style government oppressing their people and changing the balance of power in the region. We must lead through exporting our founding values and not simply democracy. Congress should immediately begin oversight to ensure American values prevail through the proper use of American diplomacy. Having this unique relationship with the true power in Egypt enables us to exert influence and hopefully ensure freedom and liberty for them and stabilize national security for us, Egypt, Israel and the world.

Egyptian Uprising

Posted in Politics on February 5, 2011 by authorcarloscardoso

There is more to this protesting and violence in Egypt that we need to understand before we speak or act. To put pressure on Mr. Mubarak to step down now is premature and ill-advised. Would we as a nation let a foreign government demand that our president step down immediately and not finish out his term?  This with only seven months left in his term. We must question the wisdom of such a swift move against an ally who has kept the peace for three decades without a clear leader of a truly democratic movement anywhere in sight. Without an organized, stable alternative in place prepared to lead and with a dangerous enemy poised to take power in the Muslim Brotherhood we should not be so fast to back the protestors. Backing democracy as the main stream media suggests we should do, ignores many facts and asks us to endorse mob rule over the rule of law. Mubarack has promised to not run for re-election in September. Let there be peace in Egypt and a peaceful transfer of power after the election. We should be calling for restraint and patience until then not rewarding mobs trying to use violence to accomplish their political aspirations.

 The Egyptian military has ruled Egypt since 1952 when Colonel Nasser overthrew the monarchy. The line of succession leads to Anwar Sadat who was assassinated and then to his vice president, Hosni Mubarak who was injured in the attack. Egypt had been aligned with the Soviet Union under Nasser but made peace with Israel and moved away from the Soviets under Sadat and susequently Mubarak and became our ally. There are no democratic institutions in place and no democratic party poised to lead Egypt and keep the status quo in the middle east. The Administration including President Obama and the senate under the misguided leadership of Senators McCain and Kerry add fuel to a dangerous fire and give comfort to our enemies. The United States now must walk a tightrope in our words and actions in this very important moment in world affairs.

We must be true to our founding principles in promoting liberty not democracy. Democracy is where the wishes of the many can be taken from them by simple majority. Our democracy is limited in that our government is sworn to protect our rights and liberties under our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our bill of rights. There are no such protections in Egypt today. We must not let this so-called democratic movement give rise to a tyrannical government that is not in the interests of the Egyptian people, Israel and the United States or our allies. Islamic extremism must be stopped and not allowed to take control of Egypt and its people. If we do it could lead to the rise of Islamic extremism in the region and the far-reaching demise of freedom and democracy as we lose our place as a leader of freedom in a vitally strategic area while our foes, Russia and China’s influence grow.

 Europe is also in danger with a large radical Islamic presence in their countries due to their immigration policies. We are doomed to relive history if we don’t learn from it. Europe all the way to Spain have experienced first hand the horrors of jihad for nearly a thousand years. Another incarnation of a Muslim Caliphate from Iran throughout the middle east, Africa and Europe is simply against our national security interests. Underestimating or not understanding the enemy could have grave consequences. Let us pray that the possible outcome of this violence leads us to carefully consider our actions lest we make a grave mistake that could lead to disastrous consequences to the world as we know it.