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The Government Shutdown

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govt shutdown

We are approaching three weeks since the partial federal government shutdown a crisis undoubtedly for the 800,000 federal workers who aren’t being paid. The media tells the story of two sides whose disagreement on securing the southern border are diametrically opposed. The Democrats want to leave the borders porous while the Republicans want to build a wall. The truth lies somewhere else, the wall and immigration are issues that will never be solved because neither side wants the border secure or immigration policy resolved.
The southern border is a conduit for the smuggling of drugs, guns & human trafficking while also allowing enemies to enter undetected and uncounted. The one thing that is obvious for almost 40 years our government has passed laws funding border security but it has all been a lie. So, then we must ask ourselves why under six presidents and 19 different congresses has a stated goal of all politicians wanting to pass and implement effective border security with a physical component as well as technology and manpower been beyond our ability to do? While America’s sons and daughters have shed blood to secure the borders of countless far away countries but ignore our own.
The government meaning those who control the real levers of power don’t want it because it would cost them and hurt their plans of a new world order. The people who don’t want the border secure are funding the shadow government, deep state whichever term you may use so they can discredit you and call you a conspiracy theorist when you dare to speak out against them from the proceeds of the illegal activities controlled and carried out by the CIA. Those who oppose them are assassinated or mysteriously die by suicide and this pertains to leaders across the world and here at home like John F. Kennedy and many names history will forget like most recently Vice-Admiral Stearny. Many others are being hunted down now, veterans who would honor their oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.
Most people don’t want to believe it, that we have seen the enemy and it is us. “The American people will get the government they deserve” said Donald Trump and he is right. We will either awaken before it’s too late and rise up and take our government back or the globalists will realize their greatest dream and America will be destroyed from within. Dismantled before our eyes as liberty is snuffed out and tyranny controls our land, our people and our posterity.
I consider myself a patriot, a first-generation immigrant who became an American by choice. Drawn to the vision of maximum liberty and minimal government that our founders fought and died for. Yet many Americans don’t even understand the difference between liberty and freedom. For if they truly did understand liberty, they would treasure, cherish and nurture it with the love that George Washington wished us to embrace it with to ensure the lasting happiness of the American people in his farewell address.
True liberty is the key to unleashing the human spirit and empowering Humanity to rise above our petty differences. It is the essence of good as it is built on the pillars of mutual respect, tolerance, responsibility and true justice for all. Imagine a country where we keep the fruits of our burdens and no one judges a man by anything but his true character and not inconsequential differences such as the color of skin, economic status, religion or any other label that society uses to divide us. Imagine a country where we are all free to pursue happiness as we see fit with a small government providing essential services under the enumerated powers granted by the people to the government in the constitution.
That government wouldn’t be working against our inalienable rights and wouldn’t be growing a mountain of debt we could never possibly repay. The narrative on the government shutdown is false. National security is a term used to justify taking away our liberties a little at a time. Until all the pieces are in place then they can brazenly attack our liberties exert their control over the people with an unstoppable force and liberty shall perish from this country and the face of the Earth as tyranny falls over Mankind and the American experiment fails in the eternal struggle of good versus evil.
The stakes are high and time is not on our side. America must make a choice, embrace our birthright to liberty or sit idly by as our fate is imposed upon us. Dismantle the leviathan our federal government has become and take back the levers of power from those who do not serve our interests. Or we will go down in history as the generation that failed to defend liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

The Choice of Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme Court Justice

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Brett Kavanaugh

The most critical choice being considered now is the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. The media is spinning this as a right vs left, Democrat vs Republican, Trump supporter or anti-Trump vote. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is about putting a justice on the court who will interpret constitutional issues on the text within the context of intent, by the founding fathers.
Justice Kavanaugh is not a proponent of individual expectation to privacy. He interprets the constitution as written without regard for intent. This narrow view makes the Bill of Rights a restriction on our individual liberties not a minimum guarantee as intended. This is exactly why some of the Founders felt the Bill of Rights was not only unnecessary but dangerous as it could be used to constrain our rights to only these and the narrow definitions contained within.
Some of the founding fathers were insistent that the Bill of Rights was essential because they felt that these minimum guarantees were necessary to protect liberty. Yet now the text is used to limit what those liberties were defined as, not how it was intended. The Founders never would have expected that our reasonable right to privacy would be relinquished when travelling by normal conveyance for personal or business needs yet what rights do we relinquish through force of law when flying on an airplane?
This is a common mode of transportation yet we have given up our rights to privacy in our things and our person for the “convenience” of flying. Now we see the same things with our cell phone records including our calls and our location tracking data held for 5 years by the carrier. This information is given to 3rd parties, the cell phone tower owners to collect. The argument then is that we have voluntarily relinquished the information, it is their property a key distinction, so our expectation of privacy to be tracked is lost.
Justice Kavanaugh has written that the collection of our phone records can be used by the government in the name of national security. He doesn’t view privacy and its importance in the context of not only the Fourth Amendment, he ignores the Ninth and the Tenth. Our right to privacy is inalienable and absolute. The power to surveil our every word even in the supposed sanctity of our homes and means of conveyance, such as our cars is the epitome of tyranny and a means of control.
Our inalienable rights are not defined or confined to the words written in the individual amendments to the constitution. Nor are they defined through the rulings of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is a separate but equal branch of government and no more. The Constitution was written to ensure that the federal government was contained to its enumerated powers and no more. The Supreme Court through the power of judicial review has allowed the government to amass powers never intended and this has gone on for centuries.
Now technology will be introduced where everything in your home will be voice activated and listening all the time. Now the government can listen and watch us in the very sanctity of our homes. This is not liberty as the Founders intended to leave their posterity after fighting for their inalienable rights. Technology’s reach is expanding and it is being used against us by the globalists behind the deep state. We must realize that all powers not given to the federal government were retained by the States and the individual. The constitution through judicial review has weakened the binds of the constitution meant to constrain the federal government. States’ rights and individual rights are being trampled and this must end now.
Justice Kavanaugh on the grounds of constitutional interpretation has a record of being weak on protecting our individual rights to privacy. This is an issue of great importance now and even more in the not so distant future. We need a Supreme Court who will look at the constitution and especially our rights through the perspective of intent and context not strict interpretation of one part of the text. This narrow focus misses the point and endangers us all to tyranny and that was never the intent of the founders. We would do well to demand that our liberties be defended not undermined. In the case of our right to privacy. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t seem to be in the best interests of the American people. I urge the Senate to quickly reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and find a more suitable candidate.

The Quiet War

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Boston Massacre

Unfortunately, it seems it must always be patriot blood that is spilled first for we do not seek to fight but fight we will for liberty. March 5th, 1770 British soldiers fired on a crowd in Boston killing 5 as history will tell. The victims of the Boston Massacre helped spark a revolution at the time of their deaths. But do you know the names of those who fed the Tree of Liberty with their sacrifice? You may wonder why I ask? It’s because we’ve lost men like Lavoy Finicum and many other patriots and innocents at the hand of “our government” over the years yet it remains silenced by the media as if the war being waged against the American people wasn’t happening at all.
The victims in 1770 were Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Crispus Attucks followed by Samuel Maverick a few hours later then an innocent, Patrick Carr died two weeks later and their funerals were powerful moments uniting the people against the forces of tyranny. The irony of the timing of the murder of patriots and innocents on the anniversary of The Boston Massacre is not lost on us because history was purposely repeated 248 years later in New Jersey. The forces of tyranny brazenly murdered an innocent woman and a good man who had seen his brothers killed in combat fighting for the government he sacrificed for and betrayed him. Sending their lackeys to kill her and subdue him and hide their role in their deaths through treachery and deception.
We’ve had our version of the Battle of Bunker Hill at the standoff in Bunkerville where patriots stood ready to defend liberty but this time the government was intimidated and withdrew without a shot being fired. They later imprisoned many who were there, some like the Bundys were freed by the power of a jury of their peers, others still languish held as political prisoners in the land of the free. How many abuses must we suffer until we become outraged and can remain silent, quiet and calm no longer? The media ability we have with 24/7 coverage instantaneously worldwide hides the acts of tyranny and treason when in 1770 word of mouth and the printed press rightfully spurred the people to rebellion.
People of America the heirs to liberty bequeathed by our forefathers must find it in our hearts to cherish liberty and fight for it if we must. Justice must be served and many must be held accountable for their actions against the people they swore to protect and defend. The agents and group of globalist tyrants must be purged from OUR government and the liberty of the people must be restored. They rob us not only of our inalienable rights but our hard-earned wealth as well and those enemies of the American people must also be held to account for their crimes and repay what they have stolen.
We will never disarm and never back down. We will not be the generation that allows the flame of liberty to be extinguished. We must come together as Americans united and powerful. Diverse yet one people united by our common heritage and responsibility to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The Tree of Liberty must be watered because the forces of tyranny grow stronger and their abuses cannot be tolerated any longer so that liberty may never perish from the face of the Earth.

Freedom of Speech, Lawlessness and the Misdirected Narrative

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The shame is that the story of government oppression of the American people by law enforcement has been twisted. Instead of the outrageous abuses perpetrated against us being truthfully reported and leading to a united righteous indignation, the narrative has been twisted. All you hear is that the police are oppressing and killing black men across the country. Thus instead of uniting the American people, the media propagandists of the statist tyrants push a false narrative to divide us.

This narrative has grown stronger with the decision by 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick to refuse to stand for the national anthem to protest the oppression of  black men by the brutal police, citing the bodies left in the streets without repercussions for those law enforcement officials who took those lives. The backlash has been fast and fierce. Kaepernick has been demonized for his actions and words. The sad truth is first of all anyone who dares to say they believe in and defend liberty must realize that he has the right to say and act in protest if he chooses and we must respect that. Instead many are calling for him to be punished for speaking out against his perceived injustice and tyranny.

The truth is the government is acting lawlessly through the actions of law enforcement and the judicial system. Here is where we must realize that Kaepernick is right about oppression; he’s just not really educated about the facts and what the government is targeting. The police targeting black people is pure propaganda used by the media to divide the American people to help the statists weaken the American people. If this were indeed true how many “African-Americans” would have been killed in the rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson? Consider that all of the rioting that occurred was televised and yet not one perpetrator of these real criminal acts has been prosecuted. So this false narrative of oppression of innocent black men is obviously an outright lie perpetuated by the main stream narrative.

So then what is the truth and what is really going on? The truth is that the government is using not only so called law enforcement agents but the judicial system to oppress liberty in America. Lavoy Finicum a true American patriot was murdered in cold blood and the Hammonds, the Bundys and their supporters have been mistreated, unlawfully deprived of their freedom and had their property destroyed and stolen. They are being held as political prisoners and being denied a fair chance to defend themselves by a corrupt judicial system. So while this travesty of justice is going on the mainstream media is completely silent. The ranchers of the west are being driven out of business and their land that has been in their families for generations is being stolen from them.

The obvious question to anyone with the ability to think independently is why are these ranchers being targeted, killed and robbed of their livelihoods. The reason is these people dared to stand up to the government and tried to spread the word of justice against unconstitutional government actions. Their courage in standing up and spreading the word of how we the people can stand against these governmental criminal actions are being made an example of. This is being done in order to let other liberty loving patriots who would consider to stand up know that they will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

So in reality Kaepernick got it half right, there is government oppression going on and innocent people are being killed. The part he got wrong is that this oppression is not aimed at black people it is actually being aimed at anyone who dares question the government. It is aimed at anyone who has the courage to speak out about the constitution, the power of we the people, government overreach and lawlessness. So all you liberty loving patriots must realize that Kaepernick has the right to do what he wishes. The shame of it is that it is being used by the statists to divide us. The media hypes up racial tensions while remaining completely silent on the situation of these ranchers and their supporters. The tyrants are trying to cow us into being fearful of standing up for what is right and just. Stay strong America for our cause is just. We just need to change the narrative. We must embrace and spread liberty, pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to ensure that liberty does not perish.



The 240th Anniversary of The Declaration of Independence

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Thomas JeffersonIn 1776 we loudly and boldly declared to the world that in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we were leaving the world’s most powerful empire. This action was eloquently expressed by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the members of the Continental Congress. We declared that all men were created equal with certain unalienable rights and when a government ran counter to our pursuit of these rights we claimed the power to dissolve the bonds that connect us. As we approach the 240th anniversary of this momentous event in the history of all Mankind we must take the time to not only reflect on the courage it took to defy the world’s greatest power with firm reliance on Divine Providence to assist us in this quest but the nature of our unalienable rights.

Rights are the foundation of Liberty which leads to the expansion of freedom. Rights as we’ve stated before come from our Creator and therefore are ours to exercise as we choose. Our rights most importantly due to their Divine nature cannot be taken away from us by any government or individual. Rights are much more than just the few Liberties listed in the Bill of Rights in the constitution. The constitution gave a few enumerated powers to the federal government and the rest of the powers were left to the Sovereign States and Individuals. Unfortunately the government has not been bound by the constitution and has grown beyond its powers and has limited our Liberties.

We have the right to free speech, freedom of religion and assembly. We have the right to keep and bear arms without infringement. The right to bear arms is to defend ourselves, our friends and our property but most importantly our right and Liberty against a government that grows tyrannical. Anyone who says that this is outdated or not the intention of the Second Amendment needs to heed the words of Thomas Jefferson. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” We have the right to privacy in our persons, papers, effects and property. The list of our rights is too long to list because we basically have the right to do anything we want as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others.

Liberty is self governance, claiming the ability to do as we wish as sovereign individuals with equal rights given to us by our Creator. Basically stating that we claim the right to the Creator’s gift of free will, enabling us to choose how we chose to live. This is the essence and the source of our rights. Liberty then comes with the responsibility that we can do as we wish as long as our actions do not conflict with the liberty of another. It also comes with the responsibility to allow others to choose different paths in their pursuit of happiness even if it contradicts our beliefs. Liberty allows us to choose for ourselves but also makes us responsible to respect the same freedom of choice to our fellow men. Judgment of right or wrong is not our place in this world but is instead left to our Creator to ultimately judge our actions.

Liberty also has one other very important component. We are responsible for the consequences of our actions and or inactions. We are equally free to pursue happiness but are responsible for the outcome. We came into the world with nothing and need to understand that the world owes us nothing. It is up to us to be responsible for making the most of our God given talents, work hard to achieve and earn the life we can. We may be rich, have enough to be considered middle class or be poor, but wherever we end up is up to us and our Creator’s will. Just remember that by embracing our rights we are empowered to directly affect the outcome of our lives and those of our families. The flame of Liberty that has directly led to the miraculous improvement of the Human condition across the world and to the incredible advancements in science, medicine and technology over the past 240 years is remarkable compared to the slow expansion of improvements over the whole history of Mankind.

It is an indisputable testament to the power that is unleashed when Liberty is allowed to flourish. Consider the acceleration of Human evolution if everyone in the world could be freed, able to understand, embrace and practice Liberty. If all of Mankind rose as one and said we will exercise our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What would happen if all of Mankind embraced the responsibility of Liberty? What an incredible world we would be living in if everyone understood our unalienable rights and practiced responsible Liberty. That is the true possibility expressed in The Declaration of Independence, the unleashing of the Human spirit to its fullest potential.

Terrorism and Our Rights

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It has been suggested that in light of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida that Americans should consider giving up our rights if the government chooses to put us on a “terrorist watch list or a no-fly list” This includes giving up our rights to privacy, self defense and anything else the government decides we should give up in the name of national security. Now just take a moment and consider those words and do not simply accept them at face value but really consider what that implies in light of our founding principles and history. It has been implied that the government should have the power to choose who among us gets to keep our unalienable rights and who must forfeit them. This from a government who in the name of national security has already taken away our right to privacy in our persons, effects and papers through the implementation of the so called Patriot Act. This is a government who now has the capability to track our every move, listen to our every conversation and even peer inside our homes all without our knowledge, consent and without the prerequisite warrant showing probable cause to do so. They claim the right to search our bodies and things for the “privilege” of free travel through the most modern, convenient and speedy mode of travel when in reality we are free to come and go across this country with our property in the pursuit of happiness. This for many of us is part of our jobs which provide for our way of life.

Consider also the current acts this government has done recently. They have used the power of regulatory agencies to intimidate and deprive American citizens their rights to freedom of speech and to associate freely with the IRS scandal targeting groups who did not share the same political viewpoint of the current administration with no one being held accountable. A president who has said he would punish his political enemies. This is a government whose Department of Homeland Security is completely infiltrated by members of the father of terrorist organizations, The Muslim Brotherhood. A government who says the greatest threats to our national security are zealous Christians, right wing “extremists” who believe in the constitution and call themselves patriots or Tea Party members, sympathizers and climate change deniers.

This country came to be because brave people saw tyranny being imposed upon them and chose to fight the American War of Independence rather than submit to intimidation and even death for the cause of Liberty. Samuel Adams said, “The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth. Not be under the will of the legislative authority of man but only have the laws of nature for his rule.” Thomas Jefferson said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Now I ask you to reconsider what has been suggested above taking into consideration the actions of the current administration in acting lawlessly. How often throughout the course of the history of this country the government has acted contrary to the Constitution which was put in place to control the federal government to certain enumerated powers given by the consent of the American people and reserving all the rest to the Sovereign States and the Individual. People talk about removing the rights enumerated in the first ten amendments otherwise known as the bill of rights. How could we have possibly strayed so far from our founding principles to understand that these enumerated rights not only aren’t the full extent of our rights under liberty but merely an incomplete list of what the government was enacted to protect not provide, Our rights came from our Creator and as such cannot be taken away by any man or form of government. Our rights come from God with His greatest gift to Humanity, free will which is Liberty.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Those willing to give up Liberty for security deserve neither.” So now having considered these founding principles from our history and these words of wisdom from our founding fathers, how could anyone suggest that the government should be granted the power to arbitrarily deprive us of our unalienable rights?

The problem facing America in dealing with the threat of Islamic terrorism is that we must follow the constitution and leave the American people alone to live in Liberty pursuing happiness as we see fit with minimal government intrusion in our lives freed to become prosperous once again.  Then we would be better able to defeat the evil enemies of the American people if we spent more time being vigilant against those most likely to commit acts of barbarism and not allow political correctness to get in the way of common sense legal investigations into the real enemies of the American people.



The American Experiment, Its Founding Ideals And Why We Must Come Together

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The American Experiment brought about by our Founding Fathers has been the greatest leap forward that Humanity has ever seen. Before the American War of Independence most of the inhabitants of this world had never known what true freedom was. Most of humanity lived as slaves or subjects to a system of government that denied individuals their inalienable rights to Liberty. This free will was stifled and trampled by monarchs, dictators and other forms of totalitarian power where the head of state could decide the fate of anyone throughout most of human history. Liberty was our Creator’s greatest gift to Humanity in the form of free will, the essence of Liberty. The American Experiment set Humanity free when in a loud voice our Founders declared to the world that no man had the right to decide our fate or even the path we chose to pursue in seeking to become what we chose to be as free men in Liberty.

The idea of self government, that we as Sovereign Individuals with the inalienable rights given us by our Creator were free to pursue Liberty and choose our own path and our own destiny without government interference was a new way of thinking. This radical idea brought about the greatest growth in Human innovation changing the world to where we went from horses and primitive tools to the Industrial Revolution leading to technology unimaginably powerful in the course of just over 200 years. From cars to space travel to instantaneous communication all around the world all possible because the Human Spirit broken free from its shackles thrived in Liberty to make all this innovation possible, improving the living conditions of billions across the globe.

So the question we must ask ourselves is how Humanity could toil for over 5,000 years with little to show in the way of real progress, yet with the birth of a tiny republic founded in Liberty not only was that republic blessed with prosperity and progress but the whole world was transformed with it. The answer is simple, that the fragile state of Human existence known as Liberty set free the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and imagination. Liberty and limited government allowed American Exceptionalism to thrive and not only shape but save the world from the forces of tyranny during World War Two. To those who would take exception to the phrase American Exceptionalism, you need to remember that America has been the land of opportunity for immigrants from around the world who came here yearning to be free and become Americans. This they did in the hopes of building a better life for themselves and their families embracing the ideals of our Founders that Liberty and limited government was the path to prosperity.

George Washington believed that our Republican form of government would be the envy of the world and would be emulated. Although even now there are people throughout the world living in slavery. Others suffer in countries such as North Korea and Cuba who yearn for Freedom, who do not live but barely survive under the shackles of Communism and oppression. History shows that there will always be people who will try to control people and enslave them for their own selfish designs.

This holds true today as our Liberties are under attack by our own government Together with a population who haven’t been taught or don’t understand the fundamental difference between freedom and Liberty and how our government was supposed to work. That the power came from the people and government was to be limited to provide maximum Liberty throughout the land. Our people, who have been divided and pitted against each other in every way imaginable by the very president who promised to bring Americans together. They divide us by race, they divide us by our economic condition, missing the point that when it came down to it we are all Americans and the divisions are superficial and artificial. America’s strength has always been our unity and courage in the face of danger. Lincoln said that no outside forces could ever destroy us that the real danger was from an enemy within. This enemy exists today Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Our generation is facing that challenge and the enemy is more powerful than any we have faced thus far.

If we are to pass this test and save Liberty so that it does not perish from the face of the Earth, we must find our common heritage. We must remember our proud history and how together there has never been a challenge America could not overcome. We must again look to Divine Providence to help our cause and save us from the evil spread of tyranny that threatens to engulf us. Remember your birthrights as Americans to Liberty and independence built on responsibility, self reliance and the spirit of charity which has always been a part of our American character. If we can do this, come together, reject those who would try to divide us and learn or remember our Founding Ideals, We the People can take our proud Republic back to the greatness we have built and be the Shining city on the hill. We can once again be the bright beacon of Liberty in an increasingly dark world that needs us now more than ever. United we can beat back the forces of tyranny outside and inside of our country who seek to show that the American Experiment was a failure. We can show that man does possess the ability to govern himself and the Liberty that our Creator endowed us with is more powerful than anything or anyone aligned against us. That the Creator’s will is for Mankind to be free and enjoy the fruits of his labors with Liberty and justice for all and that the American Experiment is noble, strong and meant to succeed.

The Unalienable Rights of All Mankind

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All individual members of Humanity have been endowed certain unalienable rights by our Creator which no man or form of government may rightfully deny us. We hold these truths to be self evident that all Individuals are created equal with the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Every single Individual is unique within the tapestry of creation and is therefore sacred to our Creator’s will and every life is equally important. The Creator’s first and most precious gift to Humanity was free will, the ultimate essence of Liberty.

True Liberty encompasses our rights as a Sovereign Individual to choose our own path towards the pursuit of Happiness. This right allows us to make choices to work towards improving our Human condition with the responsibility that our Liberty ends where it may infringe on another Individual’s Liberty and our actions are accountable only to our Creator within the bounds of God’s and Nature’s Laws. Liberty has its own inherent rights necessary for its preservation from those who would aim to take this sacred right from Humanity as history has repeatedly shown us.

Therefore the Rights inherent to preserve Liberty for ourselves and our posterity must by need be clearly laid out for all Humanity to understand and know that any attempted usurpations of these rights is by definition tyranny, an affront to the Creator and a criminal act against Humanity. The Tree of Liberty has by necessity been watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots throughout history. Let it be made clear to all Humanity that Liberty is our natural birthright no matter where we inhabit this planet and that the preservation and extension of Liberty to all Mankind is the ultimate evolution of the Human experience.

The Rights inherent to Liberty must include the Freedom of Religion. All individuals have the right to choose the manner in which they will live their lives,  in accordance with their interpretation of the Creator. This includes their choices to worship, pray and seek guidance for the moral code they choose to live by. This also includes their right to form associations with likeminded individuals in the pursuit of building groups supportive of their religious convictions. This right is mutual to all Individuals and though they may vary and even conflict, the right to publicly profess, express and follow their convictions may not be infringed. The only exception is a set of religious beliefs that espouses the use of violence to coerce other Individuals to join or stay in their system of beliefs. This is a violation of the Liberty of others and is therefore unjust. Any form of coercion is a usurpation of our unalienable rights, a form of tyranny and a crime against Humanity.

Freedom of Speech , Association and peaceful assembly are also unalienable rights of all Individuals.The right to express one’s ideas, ideals and or thoughts on current and future affairs must be protected to ensure that our Liberties and rights are not slowly eroded and tyranny is allowed to take root and spread. These freedoms also help to ensure the progress of society through facilitating the free flow of ideas which lead to innovation. The formations of groups such as a free press to keep information flowing for the benefit of all Mankind exposing truths and injustices so they may be dealt with as needed are also vital to a free society based on Liberty.

The right to keeping the fruits of the Individual’s labor and owning property both real and intellectual are essential Liberties under the unalienable right to the pursuit of Happiness. This also includes the right to privacy. The right to be secure in our persons, properties, communications and all other acquired goods or papers shall not be subject to unreasonable search and or seizure.

The right to keeping and bearing arms shall in no manner be infringed. The right to keep and bear arms is essential to the ability for one to protect themselves, their families, friends, associates and property. The right to bear arms is also a fundamental right and need to protect against the usurpation of a Sovereign Individual ‘s unalienable right to Liberty and freedom by any would be tyrant or agents of a tyrannical regime.

The Constitutional Party of Nevada and What It Stands For

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The Constitutional Party of Nevada is a party unlike any other. The Constitution Party stands for loyalty to State and Country above party, Country above special interest and Individual Liberty above big government. The Constitution Party believes that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as written and intended by our Founding Fathers is the supreme law of the land and that no one is above the law. The belief that Liberty is endowed in us by our Creator and government’s most important role is to protect our liberties. These documents define who we are as a people and what America stands for. We stand in opposition to the NDAA, Common Core, Obamacare, Agenda 21 and all UN attempts to infringe on our sovereignty, property rights and all other efforts to usurp our Liberty. We stand ready and willing to work with all like-minded groups, organizations, parties and Individuals to elect candidates who will work to restore our Liberty and shrink the federal government back to its enumerated powers. We oppose the current fiscal policy of growing national debt and the Federal Reserve policy of printing money. We believe that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and should be ended and those responsible for plundering our nation’s wealth should be held accountable. Constitution Party of Nevada Flyer

The Founding of the Constitution Party of Nevada

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Friday, October 11, 2013 was a historic day in Nevada as the Constitution Party of Nevada was born as Otilla Krapff incorporated the party at the Secretary of State’s office. The press release stated the following, the Constitution Party of Nevada will look to work with the National Constitutional Party to further the Founder’s ideals of limited government and maximum liberty for the citizens of Nevada and the United States. We will also work with people from all groups who will join us to elect candidates at all levels to uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights as written and intended by our Founding Fathers. Together we will work to become the voice of the people and rebuild this great nation that freedom may never perish from the face of the Earth.