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The Constitutional Party of Nevada and What It Stands For

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The Constitutional Party of Nevada is a party unlike any other. The Constitution Party stands for loyalty to State and Country above party, Country above special interest and Individual Liberty above big government. The Constitution Party believes that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as written and intended by our Founding Fathers is the supreme law of the land and that no one is above the law. The belief that Liberty is endowed in us by our Creator and government’s most important role is to protect our liberties. These documents define who we are as a people and what America stands for. We stand in opposition to the NDAA, Common Core, Obamacare, Agenda 21 and all UN attempts to infringe on our sovereignty, property rights and all other efforts to usurp our Liberty. We stand ready and willing to work with all like-minded groups, organizations, parties and Individuals to elect candidates who will work to restore our Liberty and shrink the federal government back to its enumerated powers. We oppose the current fiscal policy of growing national debt and the Federal Reserve policy of printing money. We believe that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and should be ended and those responsible for plundering our nation’s wealth should be held accountable. Constitution Party of Nevada Flyer

The Constitution Party of Nevada Takes on Lt. Governor Candidate

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The Constitution Party of Nevada fired a shot against the bow of the State Republican establishment with its filing of an official complaint against Governor Brian Sandoval’s pick for the position of lieutenant Governor, Mark Hutchison. The complaint which was submitted to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, alleges that Mark Hutchison violated Nevada Revised Statute 294A.100 and State Constitution, Article 2, Section 10 when he received more than the legal limit of $5000 for the primary and $5000 for the general election from his Law Firm, Hutchison & Steffan LLC. The information this complaint is based on came directly from the Secretary of State’s Aurora Campaign Finance Disclosure database back during the 2012 election for State Senate District 6. The complaint specifically requests that these contributions be investigated and if applicable both Hutchison & Steffan LLC. and Mark A. Hutchison be charged as outlined in NRS294A.100(3). The complaint also clearly states that NRS294A.420(5)(E) specifically allows the Secretary of State to take into consideration, “Any knowledge or experience the candidate, person, committee, political party or nonprofit corporation has with the provisions of this chapter.” The filing then goes on to state that State Senator Mark a. Hutchison promotes himself in person and on the Hutchison & Steffan website as an “Election Law and Government Ethics Attorney. It will be interesting to see how the Secretary of State will handle this apparent violation of campaign financing laws.Hutch-Complaint