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Arizona Shooting

Posted in Politics on January 15, 2011 by authorcarloscardoso


The senseless violence which occurred in Tucson, Arizona is a tragedy and deserves condemnation from all. Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to all the victims and their families. The sad part of this tragedy is how many people jumped to conclusions unsupported by evidence and immediately blamed their political foes. This includes the  so-called mainstream media who have focused exclusively on playing the blame game. The rush by people with an agenda to stifle free speech have used this incident to vilify and even blame prominent conservative voices in an attempt to further erode our liberties. Political discourse had nothing to do with this incident. The press was vicious towards President George W. Bush and the level of vitriol then makes today’s discourse seem quite tame by comparison. Those who know the shooter have spoken out saying he was not politically motivated and not interested in talk radio or conservative media. This was a man who was obsessed with Congresswoman Giffords since 2007. Those who seek to blame Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for this tragedy are disingenuous and only seek to smear and discredit their detractors. Glenn Beck has made non-violence a priority in his discussions and called for an end to supporting violence by all sides, unfortunately his call has gone largely ignored.  It is ironic that Congresswoman Giffords who read the First Amendment of the constitution on the house floor that guarantees free speech would be used as a symbol to regulate, attempt to control and stifle free speech. Assassination attempts unfortunately have long been a part of our history and many political leaders have been killed by people with a political agenda while others have been shot by mentally unstable people. This case clearly falls into the latter category. We face a threat from those who seek to gain political advantage from any tragedy or disaster to further an agenda contrary to our constitutional government and our country’s best interests. The real tragedy here is the senseless loss of life by so many innocent people. The tragedy though has shown us the courage of the American people through the comments of the poor father who had to bury his beloved daughter who ironically was born on September 11, 2001. He rose above the nonsense and instead showed extraordinary character as he spoke of the loss of his child. This is where the focus should be on, the impact of the shooter’s actions not on what caused this clearly troubled individual to commit this heinous act

The congressional leadership by taking a week off in light of this incident allowed the spotlight of public scrutiny to be removed from the important issues they face and need to accomplish for the American people who voted them into office. They must get on with the people’s business. This includes the repeal of Obamacare, cutting the size and scope of government, returning to a path of fiscal responsibility and fighting for liberty and the constitution. They need to regain control of the agenda and change the topic of conversation from defending themselves from these baseless accusations to governing with honor and integrity and truly making the 112th Congress, the people’s house. Speaker Boehner must regain the initiative and drive the agenda towards making our country more prosperous and free.

No Need To Raise The Debt Ceiling

Posted in Politics on January 5, 2011 by authorcarloscardoso

The push to raise the debt ceiling is premature and unnecessary.  Spending cuts of a significant nature  must be put in place across the federal government . All agencies and departments must be evaluated for savings and smaller government. This includes funding for positions in the administration both inside and outside of the congressional approval process. Government employment has increased while the private sector contracted. This places additional strain on the private sector stifling any sustainable economic recovery. The government bureaucracy must be shrunk to the point where we can afford to pay for it. The government governs through our consent and is therefore accountable to all Americans. We can insist that savings be found and government run on a balanced budget. The congress may also defund agencies who try to rule by decree, bypassing the congress and the judicial branch. Unconstitutional regulations by the EPA and FCC must be stopped by budgetary means and also by seeking injunctions against the executive branch to the supreme court.   Congress must fight for our constitutional rights against an intrusive federal government which seeks to tax literally the breaths we exhale and control our ability to communicate via the internet, threatening free speech.