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The Path to Justice Through the Judicial System

Posted in Declaration of Independence, Liberty, Unalienable Rights with tags , , , on August 22, 2016 by authorcarloscardoso

Sixty Seven percent of the American people feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. The problem is the American people are looking to a political party or a particular candidate to make a difference. The people have fallen prey to the statist narrative that it is the government that has the power to change our situation, when nothing could be further from the truth. The power is with the people and not the government. We are the true masters of our own destiny and the rightful masters of the government.

We are a nation built on individual rights not laws. Natural Law is what our Declaration of Independence was based on. This is where we claimed our rights as unalienable and coming from the highest source, our Creator. Stating for all the world to hear that government is only legitimate in that its power comes through the consent of the governed and is limited by the power given to it. Our rights and liberties are the basis of our system of justice. To mindlessly and blindly follow laws and regulations which usurp our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is immoral and unjust. For a crime to actually be committed there must be a victim. It is up to us to spread these important facts.

We are also the ultimate masters of our judicial system in ensuring justice is served through the power of the right to a trial by a jury of our peers. This is what makes the difference between our fates being decided by a judicial system which is set up to protect the interests of the government and therefore the tyrants, and true justice being served. The judicial system is illegitimate in that it is not designed to protect our individual rights and liberties but is a group of agents of the government and is therefore not impartial but actively biased against us. Judges, prosecutors and all lawyers are by definition, officers of the court; therefore their allegiance lies to the court and not the people.

It is important for every American citizen to understand this very important point. We are working with a judicial system not a justice system, and the only guarantors of justice being served are we the people who as jurors have the responsibility and power to ensure that true justice is served. They will not tell you that we as individual jurors have the power to acquit people from laws not based on Natural Law which infringe on our rights and liberties through the use of nullification. This means that if we find the charges are based on laws that by this definition are unlawful we must not recognize their legitimacy and therefore declare them null and void and we must find the accused innocent. Any prosecution of anyone charged with violating a law or regulation that has no basis in Natural Law should be acquitted. It is our duty to understand this important difference and reclaim our birthright to liberty and justice for all. It is our duty to understand this important difference and reclaim our birthright to liberty and justice for all.