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President Obama’s Jobs Plan Speech

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , , on September 6, 2011 by authorcarloscardoso

The President has started his bid to put forth a job creation bill in a stumbling and extremely partisan manner as he calls out the Republican controlled House of Representatives to follow his plan. First he publicly tries to embarrass Speaker Boehner by blaming him for being the first congressional leader in history to decline to hold a joint session of Congress for the president to address. Here the administration failed on two points; first the Republican Party already had a scheduled debate of presidential candidates at that exact time he wanted. Secondly, they failed to understand the mechanisms of how the Congress works and should have known it was impossible to follow the established protocols and get that time slot set with Congress just reconvening.

The President’s tone in his Labor Day remarks at the AFL-CIO Labor Day rally was more of the same we have seen from this president, constant campaigning, blame your opposition, and reward your political allies with taxpayer money. He speaks of putting construction workers back to work in shovel ready jobs repairing our country’s infrastructure yet the first stimulus bill did not meet this test. The President just doesn’t seem to understand that if he really wishes to jumpstart our economy to grow and raise revenues to lower our deficit, permanent changes in regulations that inhibit job growth and domestic energy production would be the place to start. He challenges the Republicans to put country before party, yet he is unwilling to embrace simple, commonsense solutions because they go against his party’s positions on energy. Ironic how now into his third year in the job, jobs are finally his top priority just before his re-election campaign. It is up to him to offer real solutions not political posturing for the next election. Given this President’s track record, I don’t expect anything more than proposing creating government jobs at the expense of the private sector and our free market, capitalist system.

The Gang of Six Deficit Reduction Plan

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The proposal put forth by the Senate group of six including, Democratic Senators; Dick Durbin from Illinois, Mark Warner from Virginia and Kent Conrad from North Dakota as well as Republican Senators; Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Saxby Chambliss from Georgia and Mike Crapo from Idaho must be opposed. This plan is a recipe for disaster and doesn’t do enough to address our immediate need to enact serious spending cuts. It is time we consider ending deficit budgets with budgets that not only don’t add to our debt but begins to pay down what we owe. $500 billion in cuts does not come close to accomplishing that.

The only true path to getting our fiscal house in order is to cut government spending and also looking to removing regulatory obstacles to job creation. Additional revenue in these circumstances can only come from private sector investments in American jobs. Our fiscal house will never be in order when we can’t afford our government, have continued high unemployment, a still damaging housing crisis and a trade deficit. We must rebuild our economy and declare energy independence from foreign sources. Explore and use our latest technology and huge natural resource reserves to lead us back to prosperity. We must end the reckless policies of the Federal Reserve and restore the integrity of our dollar. Only these concrete steps will lead us back to our position of preeminence in the world and ensure that we can regain the future for our children and their children. We must fix what we can and recapture the imagination of the world. The beacon of freedom and liberty must shine brightly as the darkness of evil spreads across the world. We are once again called to action and true leadership to ensure our vision and values of freedom and liberty is spread throughout the world.