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A Phone Call and the Real Consequences

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It’s been all over the news, 24 hours a day, the President of the US in a phone call with a foreign head of state weakened our national security for personal gain. The irony is that while we fixate on that call with Ukraine  in the never-ending resist and impeach movement that’s cost us over 32 million dollars for the empty Mueller investigation, we totally miss a phone call a week ago with similar circumstances and real consequences . This decision to remove US troops from Syria made impulsively during the call however was reportedly made without consulting any other officials of the US government and directly impacts national security for the foreseeable future.
A phone call from Turkish President Erdogan a man we will discuss later to President Trump on trade and defense assistance ends up with the president withdrawing all US troops from Syria so Turkey can then decimate the US allied fighters in Syria, the Kurds. These are the same people who fought with us in Iraq & Syria to defeat ISIS. Ten thousand fighters were being held by the Kurds and now will be free to regroup. Meanwhile genocide is occurring not only with us allowing it but it seems approving the move, while Trump mentions economic sanctions.
Erdogan is taking Turkey which had become a secular country back to its Islamic roots of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I and broken into unfortunately arbitrary pieces split by the victorious allies. Iraq for example is a country without a common heritage, it has three distinct groups in three areas, the Kurds, the Shia and the Shi’ites. So, the Kurds a distinct ethnic people spread across several countries in mainly mountainous regions wanting to have their own homeland are being exterminated. A staunch, proud and warrior people whose legendary Peshmerga allied with the US defeated ISIS with an estimated loss of 10,000 men are sold out to Turkey a rogue NATO ally without a valid reason. Something here makes no sense and that’s a mystery that deserves an answer.
If Turkey dared to say that the few US troops mostly Special Forces were not going to deter the invasion to destroy the Kurds then that is tantamount to a declaration of war. Add to this the Turkish purchase of Russian made air defense S-400 missiles as a member of NATO. The alleged coup which Erdogan used to amass power and the treatment of Incirlik, a US base with reported nuclear weapons and then they want to buy F-35 jets from us? I’d say no sale your continued participation in NATO will end and an attack on our forces in Syria will lead to a Declaration of War against Turkey. Your views of an expanding and powerful Ottoman Empire will be crushed once and for all.
The Kurds are a historic people who’ve only wanted to have a home but much like the Jews have been persecuted for being different & denied a homeland. U.S President Woodrow Wilson offered a 14 Point Settlement to end World War I which included the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, that the non-Turkish nationalities of the Ottoman Empire should be assured of an absolute unmolested opportunity of autonomous development. 100 years later and instead of gaining autonomy they are being ethnically cleansed by the Turks with the US betrayal of the Kurds in Syria. We went into Libya under UN authority and deposed Qadhafi on humanitarian grounds yet watch silently as genocide is committed on a people who are our friends and allies.
Turkey must be held to account & NATO membership should be ended immediately. All Turkish troops must leave Syria and any Turkish warplanes operating in Syria risk being shot down by NATO, Russian & Syrian forces. Until such time as Erdogan has been removed from power and Turkey becomes a secular government with ties to European values Turkey will face not only military but financial consequences as well with the full force of economic sanctions designed to force Turkey to rethink its position in the world community. This phone call between Trump and Erdogan has real consequences unless we act now, we will have lost a friend, an ally and a people who just wish to be left alone. Turkey must stop immediately and the Kurds need our protection. Anything less would be unconscionable, dishonorable and a travesty of justice that imperils our national security unnecessarily. Save the Kurds now!

Awaken The Sleeping Giant

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las vegas shooting

The American people have been battered by several hurricanes tearing through our communities leaving devastation in their wake. How do the American people respond? The way they always have with kindness, generosity acts of heroism and selflessness. The media has no choice but to cover it even though it runs counter to their narrative of a nation and a people divided. So what happens next? Remember controlling the narrative is crucial to the tyrants working in the shadows.

This brings us to Las Vegas and the worst mass shooting in modern US history by a man who the authorities tell us has no motive. This is followed by the usual response for gun control throughout the media who are the propaganda arm of the traitors hidden deep in the federal government. The tyrant’s greatest wish is to disarm the American people because history has shown repeatedly in Germany, Russia, China and Cuba how an unarmed populace can be slaughtered at will when they lack the ability to defend themselves. However this still leaves us with the mystery of Steven Paddock and the investigation into his motives.

The interesting thing about Mr. Paddock is that while the authorities find a huge cache of guns, ammunition and even explosives, what they don’t tell you is who he is. I believe if they would just tell us about his past then maybe people would begin to connect the dots which is why he was found dead supposedly killing himself. The story you notice has been left behind as the media focuses on the latest calamity with the devastating wildfires in California. That is what they want to do is distract us from this story.

Why for instance did this man order room service for two the whole time but when the shooting ends he is found alone? Again they focus on motive not on piecing together where this man came from. The past is the key to realizing that there’s much more to this story than meets the eye. It seems that Mr. Paddock worked for the CIA during Operation Cyclone. You haven’t heard of Operation Cyclone and what could that possibly have to do with the shooting?

Operation Cyclone was a secret CIA operation that armed the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union laying the foundation for the rise of Al Qaeda with US taxpayer dollars. This is all interesting but what does it have to do with Mr. Paddock you may ask? Steven Paddock ran guns to Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic fundamentalists. So a man who secretly helped create Al Qaeda mysteriously and without reason shoots up a concert in Las Vegas for no reason. Are we supposed to believe that? Especially since his CIA background somehow eludes the media and those investigating the crime.

It is really past time for the sleeping giant which is the American people to awaken and rise up against the deep state and their media allies. It is time for the American people to realize that this is all illusions, nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The true enemy of the American people are the CIA, NSA and all the other alphabet agencies which work to trample our liberties. It is time to connect the dots and realize that all is not as it seems or should be. Our government is waging war against us and it is time to shed the light of truth on these traitors and bring them to justice.

The Tree of Liberty needs to be watered with the blood of these globalist tyrants because enough innocent blood has been shed. The enemies that we must continue to fight are all being created by our own government whether it is Al Qaeda or ISIS or whomever they create next once these current threats are vanquished. It is the globalist banking cartels that are literally bleeding our country dry stealing the blood and treasure of the American people who blindly fight through the mist they weave while the truth and liberty are the biggest casualties in this never ending war between good and evil.

Awake America and rise up in defiance for together we are the sleeping giant that can never be defeated. Much like our first government thought us incapable of defeating them these people think themselves invincible. Much like the mighty British Empire thought that the colonists would be easily defeated, the current shadow government believes the same. It is time for history to repeat itself. Soon their arrogance will have them reveal themselves and the American people will see them for who and what they are. Then America will come together as we always have when faced with adversity and reveal our true character. This is now, always has been and always shall be, the land of the free and the home of the brave!




The False Narrative Of Division Among The American People

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The enemies of liberty continue to push the narrative that the American people are hopelessly divided with no solution in sight. However it’s quite amazing when you watch the way Americans of all types rally together and commit heroic and selfless acts to help their fellow Americans in times of crisis. The outpouring of generosity, love of our fellow man could not have been more evident than in the footage of people helping out people in the aftermath of two gigantic natural disasters. Adversity reveals character it doesn’t create it. Americans have always rallied in the face of adversity whether at home or abroad.

The truth is that the CIA has been in the business of propaganda since Operation Mockingbird that beginning in the early 1950s, began to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes, and funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. This is not to mention quite a few illicit operations and meddling in the affairs of other nations. Most of these actions have not really helped to advance America’s values or interests in the long run but have advanced the agenda of the globalist bankers. Gun running, drug trafficking and trampling on the liberties of the American people are among the crimes committed by these faceless bureaucrats with no honor or respect for the constitution.

The media is programmed to condition the American people to believe what they are told without question. The truth does not concern them and we need to investigate ourselves on all the various sources and decipher where the truth lies .The truth is that we are being lied to now and have been for quite some time. The CIA has created both Al Qaeda and ISIS to continue their excuse to strengthen the grip of tyranny as American’s liberties are trampled while the propagandist media keeps indoctrinating us that it’s for our own good. The loss of liberty must be fought by any means possible.

The American government has made it clear that they are preparing to fight the American people. Patriots have been declared,”domestic terrorists” while they claim their consolidation of surveillance powers is meant to protect us when it is truly meant to control us. The patriots such as the Bundy’s are held as political prisoners while President Obama quietly pardoned all the remaining prisoners in Guantanamo Bay as well as pardoning Major Hassan Nidal who was sentenced to death by hanging under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The United States intelligence communities have been infiltrated and do not serve our government or the people whom they purport to serve.

The divisions that the media, the propaganda arm of the CIA try to sell to the American people is a false narrative. The last few weeks have shown this to be true through the actions of everyday Americans in reacting to calamities in our neighborhoods. The American spirit is strong and as President Trump mentioned resilient. The strength of America is our strength in unity embracing our common heritage over petty differences and our diversity which is the source of our strength. The so-called Deep State must be exposed and brought to justice because with their electronic tools they can manufacture evidence and blackmail any American right up to the President of the United States. The threat is insidious and must be brought to light so they can be exposed and dealt with appropriately so that liberty may flourish once again and justice prevail.