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President Obama Addresses Economy in Reno, Nevada

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Pres. Obama Travels to Reno to Discuss Home Mortgages | C-SPAN.

The President came to Reno, Nevada to tout his plan to help the economy. This is the same President who has been in office for over 3 and a half years and has done nothing to help the economy contrary to his statements. He enjoyed a super majority in both houses of congress for 2 years and what did he accomplish? How many of his campaign promises of hope and change did he implement? The bailouts didn’t help the average American or grow the economy. The stimulus bill spent our taxpayer money to create jobs in other countries and did nothing here. The green energy money went to his friends who took the money and left us with nothing in return. The President and the Democratic controlled congress’ only other legislative accomplishment was done against the will of the majority of Americans in passing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A law which is in danger of being struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States as unconstitutional. The Presidents policies of over regulation strangled our economy and led to the current rise in prices we all see and feel at the pump and the grocery store.

The President can’t run on his record so he will resort to pandering new ideas, plans and more empty promises when his record clearly shows a man who has no record of economic accomplishments. He has instead repeatedly sought to divide the nation across all demographic groups, men versus women, whites against black and hispanics, rich against poor. Fostering race and class warfare all to gain political advantage. He will ultimately seek to try and sell us that better days are ahead under his leadership. He just needs more time.

He himself said that if he couldn’t fix the economy by now he’d be a one term President. That’s one statement we should all hold him accountable to. Unless we change course and soon we won’t have any hope that the America we’ve known and loved will be there for our children and grandchildren. His reckless spending, disdain for the Constitution of the United States and lack of leadership leads to a dangerous combination we can no longer afford in these dangerous times we live in.

Now we fast forward to 2012 an election year and now he has an answer to promise the people relief when he clearly failed to lead on this issue. He continues to blame the economy’s woes on everyone but himself. He has the audacity to come to the state which has led the nation in unemployment and foreclosures under his leadership and his ally Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. This is a President who promises to get those who are impeding progress,all while not having producing a single budget. He blames the Republican’s obstructionist measures for this failure when the responsibility falls clearly at the feet of the President, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House speaker Pelosi. So here he comes quite belatedly offering to help and demanding congress pass his plans to help the economy now. A day late and a dollar short as the saying goes, the cards you’ve dealt us we fold. Shuffle the deck and move on we’ll not move forward as you suggest, we ain’t buying what you’re selling. We’ve seen how you play the game for too long.

The Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another example of the protestors who caused all the damage in Wisconsin complete with organized thugs to swell the crowds. It is interesting that the President not only fails to distance himself from them, but he gives them legitimacy and calls them “a movement against how our financial system works”. His words are echoed by Gen. Masoud Jazayeri of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard saying this movement would topple the capitalist system and the structure of our government calling it the American Spring likening it to that which spread throughout the Middle East. The administration however likened them to the Tea Party protests although there were no arrests in any of those and no destruction of property. The Tea Party members were labeled racists, terrorists and a threat to homeland security when the difference in the pictures of Tea Party activists and the groups in Wisconsin and now spreading to New York and beyond are strikingly different and that is clear to all Americans. These people do not speak for the majority of Americans. The majority of Americans are hard working, good people who just want their government to help promote the environment for job creation by the private sector where wealth is created and to escape the burden of a government we can’t afford. The President is glad for the scapegoat to blame for his inability or concern to right the economy. If we really were to seek who to blame the President and his policies and the role of the Federal Reserve under the leadership of Ben Bernanke should be examined. The puposeful devaluation of our currency through their actions should be investigated and see where the money went.