The American Experiment, Its Founding Ideals And Why We Must Come Together

The American Experiment brought about by our Founding Fathers has been the greatest leap forward that Humanity has ever seen. Before the American War of Independence most of the inhabitants of this world had never known what true freedom was. Most of humanity lived as slaves or subjects to a system of government that denied individuals their inalienable rights to Liberty. This free will was stifled and trampled by monarchs, dictators and other forms of totalitarian power where the head of state could decide the fate of anyone throughout most of human history. Liberty was our Creator’s greatest gift to Humanity in the form of free will, the essence of Liberty. The American Experiment set Humanity free when in a loud voice our Founders declared to the world that no man had the right to decide our fate or even the path we chose to pursue in seeking to become what we chose to be as free men in Liberty.

The idea of self government, that we as Sovereign Individuals with the inalienable rights given us by our Creator were free to pursue Liberty and choose our own path and our own destiny without government interference was a new way of thinking. This radical idea brought about the greatest growth in Human innovation changing the world to where we went from horses and primitive tools to the Industrial Revolution leading to technology unimaginably powerful in the course of just over 200 years. From cars to space travel to instantaneous communication all around the world all possible because the Human Spirit broken free from its shackles thrived in Liberty to make all this innovation possible, improving the living conditions of billions across the globe.

So the question we must ask ourselves is how Humanity could toil for over 5,000 years with little to show in the way of real progress, yet with the birth of a tiny republic founded in Liberty not only was that republic blessed with prosperity and progress but the whole world was transformed with it. The answer is simple, that the fragile state of Human existence known as Liberty set free the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and imagination. Liberty and limited government allowed American Exceptionalism to thrive and not only shape but save the world from the forces of tyranny during World War Two. To those who would take exception to the phrase American Exceptionalism, you need to remember that America has been the land of opportunity for immigrants from around the world who came here yearning to be free and become Americans. This they did in the hopes of building a better life for themselves and their families embracing the ideals of our Founders that Liberty and limited government was the path to prosperity.

George Washington believed that our Republican form of government would be the envy of the world and would be emulated. Although even now there are people throughout the world living in slavery. Others suffer in countries such as North Korea and Cuba who yearn for Freedom, who do not live but barely survive under the shackles of Communism and oppression. History shows that there will always be people who will try to control people and enslave them for their own selfish designs.

This holds true today as our Liberties are under attack by our own government Together with a population who haven’t been taught or don’t understand the fundamental difference between freedom and Liberty and how our government was supposed to work. That the power came from the people and government was to be limited to provide maximum Liberty throughout the land. Our people, who have been divided and pitted against each other in every way imaginable by the very president who promised to bring Americans together. They divide us by race, they divide us by our economic condition, missing the point that when it came down to it we are all Americans and the divisions are superficial and artificial. America’s strength has always been our unity and courage in the face of danger. Lincoln said that no outside forces could ever destroy us that the real danger was from an enemy within. This enemy exists today Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Our generation is facing that challenge and the enemy is more powerful than any we have faced thus far.

If we are to pass this test and save Liberty so that it does not perish from the face of the Earth, we must find our common heritage. We must remember our proud history and how together there has never been a challenge America could not overcome. We must again look to Divine Providence to help our cause and save us from the evil spread of tyranny that threatens to engulf us. Remember your birthrights as Americans to Liberty and independence built on responsibility, self reliance and the spirit of charity which has always been a part of our American character. If we can do this, come together, reject those who would try to divide us and learn or remember our Founding Ideals, We the People can take our proud Republic back to the greatness we have built and be the Shining city on the hill. We can once again be the bright beacon of Liberty in an increasingly dark world that needs us now more than ever. United we can beat back the forces of tyranny outside and inside of our country who seek to show that the American Experiment was a failure. We can show that man does possess the ability to govern himself and the Liberty that our Creator endowed us with is more powerful than anything or anyone aligned against us. That the Creator’s will is for Mankind to be free and enjoy the fruits of his labors with Liberty and justice for all and that the American Experiment is noble, strong and meant to succeed.

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