The Gang of Six Deficit Reduction Plan

The proposal put forth by the Senate group of six including, Democratic Senators; Dick Durbin from Illinois, Mark Warner from Virginia and Kent Conrad from North Dakota as well as Republican Senators; Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Saxby Chambliss from Georgia and Mike Crapo from Idaho must be opposed. This plan is a recipe for disaster and doesn’t do enough to address our immediate need to enact serious spending cuts. It is time we consider ending deficit budgets with budgets that not only don’t add to our debt but begins to pay down what we owe. $500 billion in cuts does not come close to accomplishing that.

The only true path to getting our fiscal house in order is to cut government spending and also looking to removing regulatory obstacles to job creation. Additional revenue in these circumstances can only come from private sector investments in American jobs. Our fiscal house will never be in order when we can’t afford our government, have continued high unemployment, a still damaging housing crisis and a trade deficit. We must rebuild our economy and declare energy independence from foreign sources. Explore and use our latest technology and huge natural resource reserves to lead us back to prosperity. We must end the reckless policies of the Federal Reserve and restore the integrity of our dollar. Only these concrete steps will lead us back to our position of preeminence in the world and ensure that we can regain the future for our children and their children. We must fix what we can and recapture the imagination of the world. The beacon of freedom and liberty must shine brightly as the darkness of evil spreads across the world. We are once again called to action and true leadership to ensure our vision and values of freedom and liberty is spread throughout the world.

2 Responses to “The Gang of Six Deficit Reduction Plan”

  1. Wilmer Fajardo Says:

    It is so sad that even amongst us republican we are debating and comining up with solutions that give Obama the upper hand. We need to stay united, firm and without quivering when Obama is using his stupid tactics of blaming the republican. It is time to stand for what we believe and not for what Obama believes

    • There is a total lack of leadership being shown by both Senator Reid, President Obama and the Democrats. The Republicans in both houses must unite on their common principles, articulate them clearly to the American people and present a plan. The plan must address cutting back government spending and regulations, allowing the free market to create jobs thus raising revenues. The budget needs to be able to run an efficient constitutionally limited government and begin to pay down our debt. Energy is the key. Free up American energy resources to allow us to become economically and energy indepenent.We must clearly paint the Democrats and their tactics so the difference is undisputable and clear. We must be responsible if we wish to save America!

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