Oppose the DREAM Act

The aptly named DREAM Act is nothing more than a way to allow illegal immigrants a path to legal residence and then citizenship. This is the dream of the current leadership in the congress and the President to add millions of potential voters to their side.  This is nothing more than a way to circumvent our laws and is an affront to American citizens and all those who came here legally seeking to become a part of our American society. Legal immigrants come here to become a part of our great country and understand the exceptionalism of America, adding to our greatness. Illegal immigrants have no ties to our country and through their actions show they do  not respect our laws. We are a country of laws as established by our founders to protect our individual liberties. We must be true to who we are and defeat this proposed law to grant amnesty to  people who by any definition are criminals by virtue of their defying our sovereignty and coming here illegally. Contact your Senators and insist they oppose this law that would reward illegal activity and negative behavior.

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